509px-Atomic cloud over Hiroshima

The mushroom cloud from the Hiroshima bombing.

Disturbance at 8am is the tenth and final song of Echostream's 2nd CD, The Duality of Courage. It actually not a song at all. It is more of an "reanactment" of the Hiroshima atomic bombing. The "disturbance" is the atomic bomb going off at 8:15 am.


There are no actual lyrics to the song. The song is blended in with Hole so that it can be played right after Hole. First the noises of children can be heard. Then a bells indicating it's 8am can be heard. Then the bells become darker and then a "explosion" is heard. All the children's voices stop. Then a gust of wind (the shock wave) is heard while people screaming fades in and out. Then thunder is heard. All the screaming and the wind stops. All that is heard is a man's voice saying something most likely in Japanese. The song then ends with static, just as the last song on Identity did.


  • It is unknown why Echostream made this song. It could be possible that either one of Ryoko's or Tomo's relatives were killed in the bombing.